What Makes the Cayman Islands Such A Secure Real Estate Investment Location?

Real Estate is regarded as one of the most reliable long-termforms of investment. Many people debate where the best places in the world are to invest, but no one would argue that the Cayman Islands isn’t a great location to buy property.

Certain factors will determine whether a location is a good idea. Cayman’s amazing track record indicates that the next decade will be similar. There has been consistent economic growth over the last 8 years, meaning that property prices have risen steadily. Many people like to invest in gold, but the problem is that gold doesn’t produce income. Real estate acts as a great hedge against inflation like gold, but produces passive income; this means that over the years, you can pay back the initial investment from the income produced. Also, real estate prices have appreciated over the last twenty years in Cayman, meaning that even without the passive income that is produced, the investment will be paid off.

Seven Mile Beach has seen the most substantial gains, followed closely by the South Sound coastal area. Condos in the Ritz Carlton hotel have seen 40% value increases in the last ten years, which makes this a great investment.